Monday, September 2, 2013

Those Hard Moments..When the Conscience Speaks.

No matter how hard one tries, you will be times in your life that you get into predicaments that test your levels of common sense, the strength the of your heart and the limits of your conscience. We sometimes don't know what the outcome of our decisions will be in these tough situations. There is one thing for certain though. They will either bring out the best or the worst within us. There will be times we let loose and use the best policy, honesty. And there are other times that we will let things eat at our conscience instead of facing the wrath of "what might be".


One thing that is true, it is a choice, your choice, to either open up and be honest with those that you care about and yourself. Or to hide and deal with it on your own. The word 'predicament' is a funny word in itself, for there are just those situations that it is way better left unsaid and left undisturbed. The thing is, what IS the right thing to do? If only there was a manual of each and every situation you were ever to get involved in. But what would be the point of life? You wouldn't learn and grow from those tough, stuck between a rock and hard place moments. You truly get to learn and see who you are and who you are yet to be through all the bullshit you may get yourself into. And even though there are always going to be certain people that judge you harshly for the mistakes you made, you somewhat know what is the right and wrong thing to do during the aftermath of whatever poor or somewhat confusing decision you may've made.


Realistically, one should always expect the unexpected. You can never predict any aspect of predicaments you will get into. In a way, there are many a time that there's no way to dodge the bullet of fate. With each situation comes new ideas of how the world really works. And, for some, it's a harsh reality and there are bad consequences that come with some choices.


The best thing about making bad choices or getting yourself into situations that have multiple solutions, you are not alone. We all go through tough life lessons. And what's even more beautiful about it? We can actually learn from one another's mistakes. Or, if we have a phase of dumbness come upon us, there are many out there that can relate because of their similar life experiences.


So, it may take an ounce of courage and a willing to lose a little bit of your pride to speak up, and own up to your mistakes. 9 times out of 10, you are going to gain more respect from those around you anyways for being truly human enough to own up to what you've done. For some, it takes literally years to tell the complete, honest truth. If you are the person receiving this information months of years later, don't be hateful. Try to be the listening ear that that person has been waiting so long for. They may never show it, but they will be internally grateful for your time. For you, you were the advocate to get that boulder off their shoulders that they were struggling to hold up.


So in conclusion, we are all human. None of us are perfect. Life can suck ass, and ya gotta learn what is the right and wrong thing to do, in every situation. Some things take more time and consideration than others. Just remember, whatever you did, no matter how bad, YOU are the one living with the consequences. Stick to your gut, and LISTEN to your heart and conscience. They, in funny ways, have a way of getting us through those rough patches in the path we are leading, and back on track. And the awesome part, through these experiences, we continue to learn more about ourselves. And we will continue to get to know those that share our lives better as well. Without these hard to live through experiences, we wouldn't know who to trust and count on. And THAT, that's what truly matters.