Monday, October 21, 2013

Are Words Simply Enough?

As like many other nights, my overthinking switch is a bit jammed and I'm in the difficult process of shutting it off lol. This posts subject- long distance relationships.
How can you fall in love with someone you have met, touched or embraced in the flesh? Impossible, right? Quite the contrary. I used to be one of these skeptical people as well. Like meeting someone online and it actually working out? Pssshhh please. But now I have turned into one of these suckers. I am now head over heels, now what do I have to say for myself?

It will be 6 months November 6th that I have been talking to this amazing woman that is now a part of my everyday life. It is truly mind blowing how one simply "hello, how are you?" message on a website full of thousands of others trying to search for companionship can turn into where we are now. My heart literally HURTS, in a good way of course, with how deep my feelings run for this person. A person I text everyday, call frequently, and have Skyped with once. How the HELL does this happen? Are words enough for us silly humans to fall so deeply for another being? Perhaps. But a lot of long distance is trusting. Trusting they are doing, bettering themselves, and making strides for you when you can't, in reality, see them doing so. Its amazing how so many words of encouragement, passion and some criticism out of caring can do to you. My heart and mind is mush. For those that have never been in a long distance type of relationship, it is not easy. Once you develop feelings, all you tend to think about is the future, and WHEN it will be your time to get to see the person that has taken your thoughts. It sucks when you have to watch those around you with their significant other, who get to see one another everyday. And all you wanna do is show your lover off to those around you. Your mind gets overloaded with all the thoughts of what the future could be. But it is so blurry. Because depending on how far away this person is, you are in doubt that it will even work out in the long run. But, love has a funny way of making people do the impossible. Of making them determined to achieve such a thing in their lives. To have, for once, something work out for them that they want ever so deeply. That is the place I am in. It is a good, bad, wonderful, overpowering feeling. Is that what long distance love is supposed to feel like?

November 7th. This is the day I will be traveling across the state to finally see her face. To feel what her embracing hug feels like. To kiss the face of the woman that has made me turn to literal mush. To lay next to the being that makes me smile everyday. To talk in person all night to the one I have given already so much of myself to. To maybe start planning our future. See where we want to go. To make "us" official. I have been impatiently waiting for this day. And it is 17 days away. I am nervous as hell, won't deny you lol. But I am ready. I am ready to make all my invisions of how our first time meeting would be into a reality. I am in love. And I hope, and I have confidence that it will not turn to for the worst this time. My lord, lol, look what love does? Hopefully I am not too stupid ;) :P