Friday, June 21, 2013

Outta All the Fish in the Sea

There are literally tens of thousands of people that make up the world. That help make the world go round. That we depend on. That get us into trouble. That teach us new things. That live through the experiences that make us who we are. There is no way you will meet everybody, it is just not physically possible. But those that do happen to come into your life, for whatever reason, are meant to be there somehow. At least that is what I believe.

Living in the 21st century, there are SO many more options available to us to meet people that we otherwise may have never met just on our own. The internet is the most popular. Even I have met some awesome, creepy, kind, and ungrateful people online. As you can imagine I didn't talk to some for very

But just recently I happened to come across a girl that was too from Kansas, just on the other side of the state. I messaged her without a second thought, and I had no idea that in the next few days I would become totally intrigued by her and her story.

Usually, people online don't tell you much about their lives, all they want is to get to know you and where you live to be able to have sexual relations. And I'm sorry kids, but this ginger doesn't play that way. So when I starting talking to her, I immediately knew this particular situation was going to be different, and decided eh, why not? Let's take the leap of faith and see what happens.

Now, granted we haven't been talking long, perhaps a week now. I have lost track. I just know the days we talk go by a little quicker. We have talked about the most random things, but finding someone that has the past she does and is willing to let her being out to a total stranger to her? Bravery. To tell someone she has never met her feelings? It's so nice to see someone else willing to take a leap of faith into something virtually unknown to her.

The reason I am writing is because is it possible to gain so much respect from someone you have talked to for such a short time and who you have never met? I am honestly starting to think this is very possible. To find one person in a sea of harsh, untrusting and unforgiving beings, it has to be a small sign of some sort or another.

Another way she has captured my attention? Besides the fact we are a lot alike in many aspects, she has brought me to think about my past a bit, even all that has happened this past year alone. I have come a LONG way from where I was last summer. If only I could go back and tell the Ruby I knew then that things are gonna get rough, but to be patient and they are gonna get better, I would. To see that girl who was lost. Angry. Upset. And unhopeful. And to tell her to go by her most motivational motta, KEEP MOVING FORWARD. I would.

This girl has somehow brought me to accept some of the things in my past and to smile as I keep on moving forward, taking each day step by step. That, that is a blessing. I don't know if this texting will turn in phone calls, and phone calls will turn into visits. If it does, it does. If it doesn't, it doesn't. Everything happens for a reason, but we got to be patient in the journey to find out what those reasons are, whether we accept them or not.

We haven't ran out of things to talk about yet, and that is rare for me as well. I hope we continue to talk. And that I am not a creepy lesbian, typing all this about a girl I have only texted for a week lol. Because this is unlike me! But what she brings out in me? Different. And I gotta go along with what happens that is not the humdrum of everyday life.

I will try to keep you updated, but by my posts I am obviously bad at keeping that promise!

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