Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Heart of Knowing When..

There are many questions that we ask ourselves about the future we have ahead. Are we on the right path to happiness? Are we where we want to be? Are we unhappy with where we are at? What can we do to change this negative view we have when we wake up each and every day?
I believe there is no ONE answer to any of these questions, there are many different aspects of what could be right, wrong and other possible considerations of why we are where we are. It's a vast and impossible task to wonder into ALL the shoes of those we see everyday and also the other strange faces we run into. Unless you become famous in the world you may not have the opportunity to touch the lives of all those that need help in the subject matter of positive thinking. But honestly one person at a time is enough, enough to make quite the difference. Because, with that being said, you will have changed more than one person. That person will hopefully feel obliged to help another, and that person they lend a hand to you can hope will be inspired to do the same. I have talked about the power of a "chain reaction" multiple times throughout my blog. And I will hold true to my beliefs that the start of a chain reaction is fool-proof.
It is not often enough that we sit down and think about where we are now, where we were just a year ago and what we have yet to become. The future is a sea of endless possibilities. You just have to take the first steps towards the path that you feel is the right one for you. The trouble with that is, our thoughts, goals and dreams tend to change with the meeting of new people. With the handing of new opportunities. So, which one IS the right path?
To be quite honest, I don't think there is a "right" trail to pummel. And the people we meet and keep in our lives help pave the way to where we are going and who we become as well.
I can say, my path is starting to change. In the last 6 months my goals have changed rapidly. Since I have met my amazing girlfriend, I hope to someday find a job and move out of my home state of Kansas, to broaden my horizons and spread my wings with the one that I believe is THE ONE for me. You never know when the day will come when you have to start changing your life goals.  When that one person comes along and pushes you to explore new boundaries you didn't think existed in yourself. I myself am very excited on how my future looks. I don't know when the time will be when I can wake up to the more than lovely face of the one I love, to be able to go to a good paying job with a good attitude because I am doing what I love. As I continue to attempt to make the world a better place through the simple actions to start that all but famous chain reaction.
I am ready to change everything for where I want to be. And I have great people in my life to help me do so, but also some that hinder but challenge me more than ever to do what I have in mind for my future. The heart of knowing when will come to you naturally, at least that is what I believe. :)

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