Thursday, September 13, 2012

Friends Lost, Friends Found


Friendship-a more complicated word than it may seem,

some friendships have a thin line, barely holding two together,

others are as strong as rope,

never ripping, never tearing, under even extreme circumstances.


This "rope" endures alot throughout the years,

good and bad,

life and death,

laughter and sadness,

and yes, it rips and tears a bit with time, 

 nothing can totally make you ignore the bad things, feelings you said to one another,

but you let it go, and reroll the rope in the places it has torn.


But a rope can only be rerolled so many times before it starts to fray

and lose its strength.

Whatever is pulling the two ends neither of us could seem to change.

And now it is down to a tiny fragment, of just a string,

fighting for life, for forgiveness, for moving on.

One side of the rope pulls harder,

the other starts to give in.

And then she realizes "why am I giving in?"

and pulls harder.


Then both pull hard, until the mere little string rips,

sending both sides flying in opposite directions.

Will they ever be able to make a new rope?


Does time really heal all pain?

How much time?

Will their ever be another rope between us two again.

I miss us already....


But hopefully like I

you have other friends who are as close as family,

who will lend you their rope to hold on through  rough times such as these,  

you shall get through,

no matter if there doesnt seem to be an end,

you know there are others that care about you

as much as they care about themselves,

because that family is there through thick and thin

to give you the strength you may need to get through...


But the great thing about life is, it brings us more ropes to be able to pull,

more to weather to times.

Yes, it may take a time to know just how to pull another rope.

But once you start to know a new person,

spend time, talk, laugh...

you forget about the torn ropes of the past

and start anew, but never leaving memories behind,

because like a wise friends once told me,

the past events in your life build you up and down,

but you cant live without having lived those moments,

no matter how bad they may have been.


Time moves on, you may see your old friends face,

you dont hold a grudge,

you smile,

because she made you realize many things in life while your rope was still together,

and you always hold a small remnent of that rope EVERYWHERE you go...

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