Thursday, September 13, 2012

Our World (August 30th, 2010)


     Do we ever really take a chance out of our hectic days to think about or peer into the lives of others who surround us daily? Really think about this question, and you may be surprised of the answer you will find, which in many peoples cases is a big NO.

In todays society, so many of us are so engrossed with our own lives that we dont even pay attention to the world around us, the world WE ARE ALL LIVING IN. If it wasnt for the world, really think.....WHERE would you be right now as you are reading this......

     The world today almost seems to be overrated in many ways that i cant even out into words, if you want to call it "overrated" anyways. Look at the way the media has changed our perspectives for instance...many of us dont give it a second thought, we just go along with it like robots in a daze, because thats what the majority of society "accepts". We live by other peoples expectations and dont take time to really look into ourselves. We categorize people everyday, without even taking 1 minute to talk to them or get to know them, just from their appearances. Whether we want ot admit it or not, we ALL do it at sometime or another: I will admit I have, and I dont like the person I am when I judge someone by just their outside appearance.

     So what about the trust factor you ask? Would you go up to a total stranger and help them out if it looked as if they needed it? Maybe. But many of us dont think twice about helping another, as long as we are happy at that moment, thats all that seems to matter to most of us. I will admit, if i saw a person on the side of the highway needing help, unless I knew them, I may stop and ask, but they would not be coming with me, just an example. Indeed, it is very difficult to trust a strangers in this day and age, and there may be times you put yourself at risk.

      But the # 1 thing i notice the most when Im in a public place, very, very few actually give a simple smile or gesture to total strangers, walking up and down the aisles of Wal-Mart for instance. You have to do nothing but use a few muscles in your face to make a total stranger's day BETTER. Yes, to many it may not be really anything to them, but to the 1000's of others you bestow one on, it may somehow make a difference to someone you may never see again in your entire lifetime. Granted, you may not feel too much from doing something ever so simple, but because of you and that smile, you have started a chain reaction. It goes the same for helping someone out you may not know as well.

     Throughout my entire life I have been around both people who think they are better than everyone else, to those who partially think like I do about the world. Being a freshman here at Colby College and pretty much "starting" over and having to meet many new people and get to know them has been a challenge for me at times, because i do tend to hold back myself, and keep myself hidden from others who dont know me. There have been many in my life that i have trusted with my heart and got it thrashed in the end, so yes, trusting takes time, Im sure there are 100's if not millions who could say that. But getting chances to meet more people has started to help me, and I have found quite a few here who do care about others, and that most of us are going through the same things. They are considerate and take the time to help out, and I wish there would be more people like these, because you find them few and far between.

     So take the challenge: Dare to be yourself, and start a chain reaction. You have absolutley nothing to lose, and who knows, you could maybe even change someone else's perspective on life along the way. :)

(Found this on my computer and thought I would post this!) 

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