Thursday, September 13, 2012

Have You Ever Thought...


Have you ever taken the time to ponder how your life is

right now, for example, as you are reading this?

Have you been kind to your peers, your elders, those who look up to you?

Do you feel good about how you lived today?

Or did you lie, cheat and steal to just get through it?


One thing many don't ever get thought to...

Could TODAY be your last day to live?

To Laugh, to Cry, to Feel.

Could TODAY have been your final hour to make a difference

in the world?

Have you gotten into a fight with a close friend, and not yet forgiven?

Have you hurt someone, and havn't said a simple "im sorry"

to move on?


No one knows when their last day on this earth will really be.

So why not live the way we were supposed to?

Not for hate, not for war,

but to be accepting of others,

to forgive but not forget.

To challenge yourself in as many new things possible,

because life is too short to be waking up with regrets

of times gone by.


What aer you waiting for?

Dont just sit there and watch your life tick by.

Smile at a total stranger,

help a friend in need,

become the one others look up to.

Become the life that everyone else should live by.

Make YOUR mark on the world.

Because you never know,

when your final day will be.


What will you be judged by when you do leave this earth?

You should indeed be thinking of this,

and starting to change what you have maybe been trying to change...

Change it now, dont wait till tomorrow,

because your tomorrow may not come.

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